Perfect Diet Is Like Perfect Shoe Size.

Asking what the prefect diet is would be like asking what’s the perfect shoe size. It all depends on the person and how big their raggedy ass feet are. We aren’t the first generation of our kind walking around. There’s a reason why some people can have pasta and potatoes, stay in a size 0 jean, and take their shirt off comfortably at the company picnic party. There’s also humans who claim a different hood who should stay far away from those types of foods for fear of being shaped like a trash bag full of beanie babies. 

People in our specific bloodline, years and years ago established an eating pattern for survival based on where they lived, what they had available, and what living conditions were like. A person who’s ancestors came from Alaska will have an entirely different diet and be able to tolerate different foods than a persons who’s kin came from England. Trying to adopt another persons pre disposed genetic eating pattern could be catastrophic for you even if it’s healthy choices. Remember when everyone was riding the paleo D to loose weight and be healthy? Making a fuss that if you had an apple or a cracker, your body would shit itself and end up in a back alley drinking thunder bird whiskey whilst on its death bed. That may be true for some but it definitely could be unnecessary and have a negative affects for a large percentage of people who’s clan came from places where there wasn’t much meat but plenty of fruit and rice.

There is NO FOOD that is 100% prohibited for all people. Depending on how you’re built, how active you are, and what crest you have tattooed on your shoulder, will determine what bevy of edibles you can throw in that big hole in your face. How do you figure that shit out? Well for starters take an honest inventory of what you’ve been eating. Then be honest about how much you move your ass and not just to go to the vending machine or take a tinkle. How’s that shit working out for you? If its thumbs up when you’re ass naked in the mirror and you don’t have any health problems, then keep it moving. If the thought of being skins in a pick up game frightens the shit out of you and your health insurance keeps sending you fruit baskets for keeping them in business, then it’s probably time to reassess the things you’re hail marrying into your mouth. But in all seriousness there is no one way to eat for every human being. We are not all one size fits the whole group . Sure there’s some basic rules to follow that everyone should try like having meals that come from good sources, are comprised of the 3 basic macro nutrients along with fiber, and don’t have the periodic table under the list of ingredients. But other than that, doing or following what some 120lb fitness model who’s entire family hasn’t been over 140lb since the Paleolithic era prescribes in their new Amazon book on sale for $49.99 about the secrets of weight loss makes as much sense and you trying to shove your size 13 foot into their size 7 shoe.