Fit Bit Shmit Bit

PHEW!!! That was a close one. Good thing I had my wrist counting what you’re suppose to do without getting a pat on the back step thing in attendance, otherwise this bucket of ice cream might of gone straight to my ass. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but the fitness industry knows human adults don’t get a lot of appreciation or “hey you’re awesome” these days and that makes many of us sad face. That’s why you keep seeing those please talk to me passive aggressive post on social media like “tough day” “life is a wet pancake”, ” feeling blue” (get it together bro). So with that little gem in mind, they created a gadget that will give you constant positive reinforcement that you’re doing a good job in the form of how many gawd damn foot prints you leave on the earth in 24 hours. Of course this makes everyone smiley face because they don’t break your chest open with some truth and tell you the full story of health and overall wellness that walking thousands of steps a day and thinking you did something calorie reduction wise without correcting what you put in your mouth is a pile horseshit. It only makes sense that your workplace would jump on board for this digital jewelry where if you do so many steps in a day you win a frisbee or some item of “food” that is shit in nutritional value, thus negating your “hardwork” for all those countable steps you’ve done.

Here’s what you must know and understand. If you do the same activity at the same intensity day after day, your body will adapt and become more efficient, which means not expending as much energy for said activity. This is wonderful for survival and not being out of breath every time you go from living room to kitchen. But is absolutely worthless for burning calories and weight loss. So as much as you want to throw yourself a parade for walking whatever comma in the number steps at the same gawd damn intensity everyday, whoa your roller coaster skipper you haven’t done shit worth celebrating about and definitely not enough to not put the majority of your health focus energy into what you’re eating.

If you want to count your steps to challenge yourself or have a “suck it” I’m better than you competition with friends, go for it I’m in. Some of these watches even let you know what your sleep pattern is at night, which is also beneficial for a variety of reasons. But do not fall for the band aid over the bullet wound approach, that walking more steps at an extremely dumb low heart rate and not making better choices in what you eat everyday is going to do a fucking thing. Raise the intensity, stop counting steps (unless for “suck it” reasons), toss the fucking watch, and just go on a relaxing therapeutic walk without counting shit and trying to win that fabulous ball point pen that’s in your bosses shirt pocket.

BT DUBS: If you’re doing something that works for you and this counting steps is one of them don’t listen to me. If it motivates you and keeps you moving, then two scoops of gold stars for you, I’m your biggest fan. Just have a better understanding of what is what and make your choices off of that. Be able to track and measure your progress (NOT WITH HOW MANY STEPS YOU’RE TAKING, cuz really? who gives a shit?) so you can make adjustments and truly get a benefit out of the work you’re doing.