Hollywood Training.

I’ve taken my dumb ass celebrity trainer action photo. Now I can charge you a shit ton of money for what you and everyone else already knows about getting in shape. The reason why “celebrity trainers” are sought after for their “expertise” in health and fitness is because their clientele HAS TO!!!, come hell or high water, HAS TO!!! look good. It’s not up for discussion. There’s 10 million dollars on the table for the next A list celebrity to be the next shredded up comic book hero and you can be for gawd damn certain that no matter what “celeb trainer” tells them to do, will be done, no questions asked because there’s money, fans, and a career on the line. They’ll pound that detox shake, they’ll eat that dry chicken,they’ll swallow those possibly questionable “supplements”, they’ll skip that high end dessert at the premier party, and they’ll DIE on that treadmill because theirs Scrooge Mcduck gold coins and Twitter followers at stake here son. The sacrifices of these A listers is what makes these trainers of the celebrity “you must know so much, let me give you an obscene amount of money” caliber, relevant. You take that same “celeb trainer’s” workout/eating plan and ask non celeb no movie deal having ass Steve in accounting who no one gives a shit about and your boy might not put forth the same effort as let’s say the next potential Aqua man will. The motivation behind the clientele will determine the success of said “celebrity trainer”. Which makes their holy shit per session price tag scratch your head. That price tag has nothing to do with their knowledge of how to get in shape. That price tag is for names of the people they’ve worked with and the balls out motivation their clientele HAS TO have to keep themselves and their career at their current could fall at anytime celebrity status going. I don’t care who you are or who you train nobody has $500 a session worth working out and eating information. It just doesn’t exist. Everything to lose fat, be healthy, and look great is already known and you know the majority of it. Trainers of the stars don’t know more than you or have an insanely secretive program that only celebrities are privy to. They do the same shit as everybody else, it’s just the people they work with have a lot more to lose than you do so not carrying out a health and fitness program to the utmost is not an option for them.