Who Wants a 6 Pack of Abs When You Can Have 4 and a Doughnut Ice-cream sandwich??

I often (no I don’t) get asked if I have abs because that’s the apex of physical fitness right? The answer to that silly ass question is yes, but like 4 1/2 of them. The other 3 1/4 (I hate math) I’m not interested in seeing because of the not so fun things I would have to do. I’ve had all my abs visible and its not that much fun to keep up with. A lot of things you can’t eat and you definitely can’t go HAM on this donut ice cream sandwich that the powers to be have unselfishly blessed us with. Most assume that if you’re trainer, a cross-stitched midsection is what you strive for as your ultimate goal and if you don’t then you’re not dedicated or knowledgable in the health and fitness realm. But if it’s not one of yours or my goals, dedication ain’t got shit to do with it. My goals are to be able to eat carelessly once a week (twice if there’s a holiday), laugh, have my arms look like I’ve been chopping wood all day, and look down and be able to see everything. Anything outside of that I could give a shit about. If you want visible abs, have mercy on your soul, or hope you have above average genetics because that shit is going to be zero fun to get AND to hold. Plus one persons body and plan for perfect abs is another person treacherous thunderstorm in the Bermuda Triangle. We’re all snow flakes and we all don’t melt the same under the same amount heat. Visible abs are not the top of the mountain for fitness. It is the top of starvation and working out whilst one is hungry. If that sounds like fun for you, go for it. Seriously, it’s quite the accomplishment. But if you’re using a 6 pack to measure you’re own progress, you need to unsubscribe from that shit because that’s some spam that will absolutely destroy your life mailbox. Abs is not in the cards for everyone and it means nothing if that is you. You can be in perfectly great healthy lean or not lean shape without your abdomen being diced up, be happy, and not feel guilty as shit when you holler “I’ll have two” when the doughnut ice cream sammy ferry comes around taking orders.