Food my dear Watson. This is a typical day of eating. It’s fulfilling, healthy, and will put a dent in your appetite. If you look closely you can see a carb, fat, and protein is represented in each meal. No snacks, because they aren’t necessary. No meal replacements or bars because there’s food to eat. You’re looking at about 5-8 minutes of total prep time to ensure hunger doesn’t come bothering you during the day. Breakfast: eggs, egg whites, peppers, Apple. Lunch: ground turkey with marinara, raspberries, avocado. Dinner: ground turkey with taco season (cooked the same time as the lunch ground turkey in the same pan) avocado, broccoli. Possibilities are endless if you try. You don’t need a meal plan you just need common sense. This isn’t chopped with a basket of weird shit you’ve never heard of before. You’re very capable of making easy filling healthy meals. You got time, hands, and heat then you have no excuses.