Sad Truth of Looking Fit.

I got some bad news for you. Here’s a spider man Valentine’s Day card my girlfriend’s lovely mom gave me to make you feel better. If you don’t want to hear some Santa Claus isn’t real level type shit I suggest you keep scrolling partner. Working out to be strong doesn’t take much time to see results. You lift a 20lb dumbbell one week, 10 days later you lift a 25lb one, and BOOM!!! you’re stronger, brag to your friends, have a martini, smoke a sandwich. Working out to be in overall good shape from a being able to move around better and have more stamina standpoint is the same as well. As soon as you start working out consistently, in as little as two weeks you may notice that you feel better and that you’re able to do more physical things for longer without your lungs falling out of your mouth and you can maintain that shit for a long time with very minimal work. I preface those two approaches to exercising because although similar with one kind of leading to another, they have nothing to do with trying to workout to look a certain way and the misunderstanding of that shit is crushing people’s souls. Yes you’ll most likely be doing the same activity give or take a few exercises to achieve one or all of these goals, but the premise for working out to have a certain appearance is a giant consistent pain in the ass that never stops that you better be in love with. It is constant work that you have to do forever, packed to the brim with adjustments, patience, eating the same shit for months at a time to see what works and what doesn’t, and an infinite amount of understanding that what worked 6 months ago might be totally different 6 months later to keep the same body you worked so hard for. WARNING: losing weight and looking the same at that weight year after year isn’t the same thing either, just in case you wanted to try to throw in that “but what about” discussion. If you don’t love the process of working out, tinkering with your food, and the time you have to put into both to see how they work together, DO NOT make exercise to sculpt your body your primary goal because you will be severely disappointed.

I see it all the time. People get that frustrated confused look on their faces when they work out for 3 months (not consistently as they should) for what they think they want and definitely not with the precision of eating they need to be doing for their particular body to appear as they had envisioned. Because we live in the hurry up offense world, people really have a hard time grasping the years (YES THE YEARS)and CONSISTENCY it takes to make a body dressed to the 9’s that isn’t necessary for survival. Let’s also not forget that what you may be trying look like, might not be in the genetic cards for you. You might want those long thin model legs you saw on a stranger dancing around the lakes in but as soon as you start squatting, them walking sticks and that ass might start to grow, and you might have to accept the fact that might be how your body genetically respond to lifting weights or exercise in general. And that’s totally fine love your gawd damn body and stop giving yourself a hard time. It goes the same for the guy that’s been lifting for years who wants to have a big barrel superhero chest but can’t because that’s not how he’s built and that shit isn’t going to happen. Doesn’t mean he can’t get stronger or be in better shape, but that big armor plated chest he keeps dreaming about might be on some Easter bunny shit. For some reason it’s easy for us to accept this concept in the intelligence field where everyone can’t be good at math or exceptional at deciphering chemical formulas but when it comes to the physical game, everyone thinks everyone can look the same as long as they do the same activity. Tooth fairy. Sprinkle in the insanity with cats comparing their body to someone that’s not in their bloodline and thinking what they do, how they did it, and how long it took to get there is going to be the same for them, and now you really got some unicorn type shit going on. I know you saw some runners frolicking past your window 3 years ago, liked how they looked, and decide you’d do the same skip, hoping you’d get the same body. But OHH NO!!! 3 years later your legs don’t look anything like what you saw many moons ago from the people jogging past your porch and you don’t know why. We aren’t the same. We can’t do the same activity and look like one another, that’s not how this shit works. If you believe in that and try to make that shit happen you’re signing up for a bath tub full of moon shine depression. Everyone isn’t built the same nor will you have the same approach to achieve the body you want as someone else. Your friend might be able to have pizza slices, lift one day a week, and chased that shit with some jack and be able to see the cuts in their abs. You might have to eat low carbs, with a chicken breast, workout 3-4 times a week, skip happy hours for a month, and monitor your birthday cake eating to none at your kids yearly celebration, to even stand the change to see one of your abs in the upper left hand corner. Tough shit son. If you can’t accept that the body you want that isn’t necessary for living and Ill say it again that ISN’T FUCKING NECESSARY!!! for you to live, requires a shit ton of long ass work, full of adjustments and different from everyone you know and probably hang out with, then DO NOT sign up for this shit. Work out, be strong, be more in shape, and be happy, that’s an easier to swallow course. Because working out trying to get that body you desire, get those arms toned up, get those legs dieseled up, is a constant continuous process you better be in love with or you’ll be signing up for a miserable existence.